Company History

Ngen Solutions has a long history in the world of consulting, from its inception it started as a telecommunications consulting firm started by a senior telecom executive having designed the network system for the United States Navy. It evolved into broadband deployment with backhaul and inter Connectivy specialties.

Today the Company has wide range of experience in project management in the fields of Communications, Oil and Gas as well as accounting services for its clients.

It retains outside consultants to implement some of its complex projects including mergers, acquisition and guidance on corporate governance as well as public and private company public relations. .

  • 1985

    start with a small service

    We started our company over 15 years ago with a goal to give advise on mergers and acquisitions. The company provided services to entities in Asia as well as the United States primarily in the oil and gas industry. It expanded to include telecommunications services providing experienced engineers to telecom communications operators

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Only company in the industry to resolve issues with introduction and maintenance of Metro Ethernet Services to be Offered by MSOs and SPs.

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