Oil & Gas Contract Consulting

NGenSolutions will operate oil and gas projects including oil and gas fields, pipeline and processing plants for lenders and secured creditors.  We have experienced staff that has over 50 years of oil and gas operations experience including Joint Interest Billing, Royalty Payments and operations.


Operating Experience


NGenSolutions has experienced engineers with expertise in all aspects of oil and gas operations, including drilling, completion, production, processing, transportation and accounting.

Utilizing this experience our company can  any  project and will review all project documents such as  price proposals/bids, contracts in conjunction with daily drilling reports and accounting records (including all invoices, detailed billing and other pertinent data).  The audit will determine whether failures were the result of equipment or contractor design and whether contractors  performed the contracted tasks in an efficient and timely manner in compliance with contractual obligations.  The review includes a detailed report on contractor practices such as contractor competence,  inferior parts,  improperly designed materials among other items.  The audit will also determine whether the failures are covered by insurance and whether the losses can be recovered from the contractor and or insurance.


NGen solution engineers have testified as expert witness with governmental regulatory agencies, as well as the united states district court. As to oil and gas economics, oil and gas operations and insurance claims.

Auditing of Operations

Drilling Rig utilization
Drill bit performance
Mud motor performance
Mud and chemical supplier performance
Fracturing & acidizing operations
Well surveying and logging operations
Casing, tubing and packer performance
Well workover performance
Separator & other equipment performance
Oil field and plant chemical treatment performance
Regular well and plant maintenance performance
Insurance coverage assessment

Audit Procedure

NGenSolutions signs an audit and confidentiality agreement with the customer, which details the scope of the project audit.

Customer then transmits the documentation for the project audit to NGenSolutions.

NGenSolutions conducts the audit and details the discrepancies and transmits the same to the customer.

Customer then transmits the details of the project audit to the relevant contractors.

After correcting/reducing the billings of the contractors, 50% of the savings is then sent to NGenSolutions as payment.